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the sweetest little cannibal
09 September 2012 @ 01:25 am

Comment here to be added--

But before commenting mind these few rules:Collapse )
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the sweetest little cannibal
So I'm taking part to this TRICK OR TREAT meme.. too lazy to find sparkles, sry.

Rules are simple:

1. Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size) to represent your personal "candy". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want. Make it something special since it's self-representative.

2. Make a post. Put your "candy" somewhere in it, and be sure to repost these instructions.

3. Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "trick" or "treat". If you reply with "trick", they will give you an LJ dare that you have to perform before taking their candy. If you're too wimpy for that, simply say "treat" and take their candy.

4. List all your collected candies in your original "trick or treat?" post to show off your collection!

I'm the who when you as 'who's there'Collapse )
the sweetest little cannibal
02 September 2010 @ 10:45 pm

I was being bored and stuff and not feeling like studying Swedish today, so I decided that I want to make more icons. BUT IDK WHICH ICONS.

So here is my very first:


Yay sparkly text!

So uhhh..

1. LEAVE COMMENT WITH A REQUESTS (that's right, you can do more requests than just one) AND I WILL DO IT. Of course I would prefer requests from canons/characters that I'm familiar with! (Like Kaze to ki no uta, Poe no Ichizoku, Candy Candy, Berserk, Rose of Versailles, Yu Yu Hakusho, Kuroshitsuji, Kingdom Hearts, Utena.... and many more! You guys on my F-list already know some canons that I'm into!)

1b. If there is certain scene or picture you want to be iconed, then that's fine too! Just link it to me~

2. I would prefer not to do Screencapping, since I suck at making icons out of them. I can try, though?

3. How many icons will I make? Well, it depends on how many request I will get all together? :> I will make more than just one or two per request.

4. If you want samples of my coloring just visit the icon community governthestars


edit: now with less html fail xD
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the sweetest little cannibal
13 July 2010 @ 11:46 pm
I did very small cutting on my Friends page.

I mostly removed those who haven't updated like forever or those who I just.. didn't synch or so.

If you have questions why you were removed or why not. Comment here. All comments are screened.
the sweetest little cannibal
16 May 2010 @ 01:58 pm
And suddenly I have only 40 icons left from 105? Ftw, Lj. Ftw.

Alright people, listen this is important.

I know that about 60% (or even more) out from f-list are Lj!rpers, were you active or not. Secret is out, so don't make me come and point out any names. So let's do this in the less painful way.

THERE IS 4th Wall Event IN sortinghat_rp AROUND 29TH-31ST.

Yes that is big news that I even have to put it under GIANT sparkle-text, I'm sorry if I killed your f-list.

But you can probably guess it that we want to have as many quests visiting us as possible. I'm currently playing there only one muse (yes, I know that is shocking): Gilbert Cocteau (scentofyouth ) but I'm trying to get KH!Riku there asap.. I just need to finish the application, sob.

Anyway please come and have a look. It's awesome game with awesome people in it~
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the sweetest little cannibal
07 May 2010 @ 11:09 pm
Few memes... that I've forgotten to post about:


❝what fictional character am i?❞

Also; made bunch of icons

Heart of Thomas
Kaze to ki no Uta
Kingdom Hearts
Poe no Ichizoku


And other so, so many can be found from here @ governthestars 
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the sweetest little cannibal
21 April 2010 @ 05:51 pm
Hey hey, let's have nice meme, shall we?
I took this from laurus_nobilis

"→ Give me an AU and I'll write you a short scene from it. It can be an AU with a change of events ("what if Sirius actually was the traitor instead of Peter"), or a change of setting (Sokka and the White Lotus Order in an office AU), or a crossover setting (G1 Wheeljack and Ratchet as humans in the FMA-verse), or even a crossover in a different setting"

The scenes/pieces that I write will be short, I warn you.

If you ask about the canons that I know.. you should already know few. :/ But atm my tops are Kaze to ki no uta, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy IX, Violinist of Hameln, Yu Yu Hakusho, Ludwig Kakumei and Poe no Ichizoku... but by all means go and ask something outside of this list! :DDD

I will be bit slow while writing these, since I still have the A-Ö drabble meme from before left unfinished. But I promise to write you something if you want me to~&hearts

Right now writing:
- Zidane/Garnet(Dagger) AU: shoppingMall!
because OTP is otp.
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the sweetest little cannibal
25 November 2009 @ 05:00 pm
so I did a small cut in f-list there.

I mostly just cut people out who had not posted like million years or something. And people who.. just don't comment, and we have nothing in common.

if you want to ask something like why you weren't cut, or something like it. PM me.
the sweetest little cannibal
22 November 2009 @ 02:26 pm




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the sweetest little cannibal
15 November 2009 @ 02:06 am
lord for nothing (2:02:50): I was surprised that photobucket didn't die at all
flood of emotion (2:03:18): wow, that deserves a medal
flood of emotion (2:03:20): photobucket always dies

what she said.

So the new icon-post is up:

Boku no Patalliro: 43
Final Fantasy (Dissidia, IX): 10
Kuroshitsuji: 3
Pokemon: 21
Violinist of Hameln 12

BRB too lazy to give teasers or anything, but you can find them at the usual place: governthestars
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